Erasure for OEM and Leasing


OEM and leasing groups are delivering new equipment, either directly to the customer or via a partner/reseller. In most cases, all devices will typically be used by the customer for three years or more. When this IT equipment comes to the end of its life, or the leasing period has expired, the units will be decommissioned and must be safely wiped of all the confidential data saved onto it.

The biggest issue is how to safely erase all of the confidential, sensitive data without having too many people involved (as this increases cost and risk).

The Requirements

Find a certified solution that securely wipes data before IT assets are removed from the working environment. It must include proof of compliance with GDPR rules and regulations and give full transparency during this process.

The Solution

Certus provides a fully traceable audit and erasure reporting process, all managed from one central point. By using the online solution, a device can be erased by installing the erasure software onto a USB device. This device is inserted into the device that needs to be erased and the entire process can be fully automated. The erasure reports are stored automatically in the Certus Erasure Web Manager. The offline solution process works in the same way, except that the erasure reports have to be stored on an external device first, and then uploaded to the Certus Erasure Web Manager.

By using the remote wiping solution, the whole process is managed from a central point, where Certus Software will be implemented in the existing Intranet environment.

The administrator can activate the unit (located anywhere in the world) that needs to be erased by initializing the erasure. The chosen device needs only a command for acceptance on the location to activate the erasure (adopting the ‘four eyes’ principle). The erasure reports are then stored at that central point.

This solution is perfect if the erased devices have to be removed physically the same day after they have been erased. The administrator can control and view the process time and plan all further steps. Benefits include substantial cost savings and no longer enduring a complicated logistics procedure.

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