Modular Storage Erasure Unit – Small

erase storage systems and loose drives

A perfect hardware solution for erasing up to 4 loose drives and storage enclosure drives from NetApp, DELL EMC, HP, Hitachi and IBM storage systems without taking the drives out from the original storage equipment. The changeable HBA card covers a wide range of storage enclosures and can be customized according to your needs. The machine is the perfect solution if you need a light and silent unit to erase a significant number of disks simultaneously.


  • Certus Erasure for Storage Devices is pre-installed
  • The erasure process can be real-time monitored through the Certus Erasure Web Manager
  • Connect the disk enclosures using their own data connection cables to the Storage Erasure Unit and erase up to 200 drives simultaneously
  • Erase additional 4 loose drives
  • Plug and Play (possible to take drives in and out during the process)
  • Can be used in online or offline mode


  • Monitor (at least 1024×768 resolution)
  • Keyboard and Mouse
  • LAN-cable incl. Internet connection (when running in online mode)
  • HASP key (when running in offline mode)

A small unit that provides all possibilities for fast erasing of storage racks and could be used as an operative "desktop" machine to erase single drives.


4-core Intel processor


Gigabytes DDR4 RAM


Hot-Swap bays for
2.5-3.5" SATA/SAS drives


card (depending on storage enclosure data connection interface type)


7 kg weight

How it works


Storage Enclosure Erasure

Erasing of drives in storage enclosures via HBA. The HBA interface can be chosen upon your request.

Loose Drives Erasure

Erasing up to 4 separate drives. Supports 2.5 / 3.5 inch HDDs or SSDs with SATA / SAS interface.

Online Erasure

The machine is operating by using the login credentials and will automaticly upload the erasure reports.

Offline Erasure

Independent erasure of Storage Devices without an internet connection with a HASP key. The saved erasure reports can be manually uploaded in Certus Web Manager.

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