Erase data.

A world leader in secure data destruction, Certus builds products for government, corporations and service providers to erase data permanently. Our solutions have the broadest hardware support anywhere including data center systems, laptops and desktops and mobile devices.

We go beyond conventional methods, treading new paths, and to develop the industry leading solutions. Secure, flexible and easy to use, our purpose is to make our solutions simple for any organization size and type to implement easily.

Operating across the globe we support our customers with quick and knowledgeable anywhere. And we’d love to have you with us and show you why Certus is the best at what we do, erasing data, permanently.

Innovation at Certus

For us, innovation means more than just developing new software. It’s about developing breakthrough technologies that set new standards in IT and business, such as our pioneering Data Erasure software and the most complete and intelligent platform Certus Live Portal and supporting a more circular global economy.

What is Certus

Certus is one of the world’s leading providers of certified data erasure software and solutions for controlling business processes. Certus develops solutions that facilitate effective data processing and the flow of information in companies.

Our Vision

Data erasure on any device can be done quickly, securely and meeting every regulatory and compliance requirement without hassle.

What does Certus mean

Certus in Latin means certain, preserved, reliable. Exactly what we strive to be in what we do.

Supporting Circular Economy

Compliant and Certified erasure solutions so assets can be safely reused which results in a reduced carbon footprint.

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