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A security focused service to protect your customers data

High margin security service upsell

Everyone and every organization needs to wipe data whenever a system or device is recycled. Certus Retail is a compelling upsell opportunity to pair erasure with every device you sell or service.

Certus Retail is a high margin solution that can be paired with new device sales, service appointments and trade-ins. The security value to end users and business is that once the Certus tool is run on the device, no data can be recovered by any means possible. When the process is completed the Certus tool sends a secure PDF certificate to the end user.

Whether offered as a service or as a self-service offering, Certus tools can be easily run by your techs or the end user and is a simple addition to bump your sales margins on devices and services.

Become a Certus Partner

The Certus Partner Program offers benefits tailored to your business model across every role. It improves your ability to accelerate sales and build customer relationships.



Different pricing models
Different pricing models
Free technical support
Free technical support
Protect your customers data
Protect your customers data
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