Certus Erasure Solutions

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Cloud Erasure

The cloud solution provides centralized control and reporting features for the entire data erasure process, as well as easy access to the secure erase environment for everyone involved.

Mobile Devices


Use the certified mobile data erasure software as a cloud solution through an easy-to-navigate dashboard with full user, license and reporting management.

Offline Erasure

Use the certified data erasure software as a secure offline solution on your local target computer where no Internet is available or allowed.

Portable Universal

Erasure Unit

The Portable Universal Mobile device allows data erasure on all devices anywhere in the world. Supports offline, cloud-based, deployment and mass-storage erasures.


Use the solution on the devices in your network environment via PXE deployment using Windows Deployment Services. Thanks to API interfaces, it can also be integrated directly into any ERP system.



The universal hardware solution to erase multiple HDDs in 19” racks using a hot-plug hard drive unit. Independent, ready to use data erasure machinery.

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