Offline Solution

Offline Solution

Use the certified data erasure software as a secure offline solution on your local target computer where no Internet is available or allowed.

The Advantages :

  • Full Transparancy
  • Same functionality as Cloud Solution
  • Easy to operate
  • Total online isolation
  • Customized Reporting
  • Availability to upload erasure reports into CEWM

The requirements


The software has boot support for both UEFI and Legacy (BIOS) firmware. You need an USB drive or blank CD/DVD to create a bootable Certus Erasure media device. You can use any image writing software however we recommend “Win 32 Disk Imager”


A Single Unit HASP Key is required to login to Certus Erasure Software. The key contains login credentials and purchased licenses. Additional licenses can be purchased and added to your dedicated HASP Key.


All your erasure activities such as erasure, hardware audit or issue reports should be saved on an external storage device for archiving. Note that reports can not be saved on the bootable USB drive and HASP Key.
Saved reports can be imported to the Certus Software Web Manager. The HASP Key ID should be linked to your Cloud account (available upon request).

The Process


Step 1


Download an image of Certus Erasure Software from your CEWM account. Use this image to prepare a bootable USB drive. To start Certus Erasure Software, select USB in the boot menu of the unit that needs to be erased.


Step 2

Start Certus Software

Start a machine using the prepared bootable USB drive. Use your Single Unit HASP Key to sign in at the software start. Login will be started automatically.


Step 3

Erase storage devices

Set the necessary erasure pattern and verification level. Select the drives for erasure. “Unfreeze“ drives if needed and start the erasure process.


Step 4

Save erasure reports

After the erasure process has been completed you can generate an erasure report and save it on an external storage device.

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