Erasure Machine

Erasure Machine

A universal hardware solution to erase several HDDs in 19” racks using a hot-plug hard drive unit. Independent, ready to use data erasure machinery.

The Advantages :

  • Full Transparency
  • Up to 24x 2.5″ or 12x 3.5″ HDDs
  • Easy to transport
  • Customized Reporting
  • Availability to use online or offline

The requirements


To be able to operate your erasure machine, you require a monitor, mouse and keyboard to control and manage the erasure process. No bootable media devices is needed.


Online option: an Internet connection is required to login to your Certus cloud account to access purchased licenses and define erasure settings. All network transmissions are protected by security encryption protocol TLS v1.3.

Offline option: a Single Unit HASP Key is required to login to Certus Erasure Software. The key contains login credentials and purchased licenses and should be bought separately.


Online option: all your erasure activities such as erasure and hardware audit reports can be found in the Certus Erasure Web Manager.

Offline option: all your erasure activities such as erasure and hardware audit reports or issue reports need to be saved on an external storage device. Note that they can not be saved on the bootable USB drive and HASP Key. Saved reports can be imported to the Certus Software Web Manager. The HASP Key ID should be linked to your Cloud account (available upon request).

The Process


Step 1


Connect monitor, mouse, keyboard, power cables to your erasure machine. Plug in the LAN cable only if you want to use the Cloud solution.


Step 2

Start Certus Software

Start the erasure machine. Use your Certus account login credentials to sign in by using the online option or plug in your Single Unit HASP Key to sign for the offline option.


Step 3

Erase storage devices

Select the required erasure pattern and verification level. “Unfreeze” drives if needed, select the drives that need to be erased and start the erasure process. Additional drives can be added during a running erasure process.


Step 4

Save erasure reports

After the erasure process has been completed, generate an erasure report and save it in your Certus cloud account or on an external storage device.

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