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At Certus we know to help ITAD companies succeed, and we’ve been doing it for more than 10 years. Our focus is to create the tools that allow you to exceed your customers expectations now and open new doors to provide additional services. We’re here for you today and to help you grow in the future.

Whether you are specialized or a general ITAD, a regional or a multi-national, the Certus tools are built from the ground up to be flexible to fit your current process and what is next.


Different pricing models
Different pricing models
Free technical support
Free technical support
Powerful reporting system
Powerful reporting system

Finding your balance

IT Asset Disposal (ITAD) and Recycling companies have several customer specific responsibilities and regulatory requirements when processing IT equipment. Often these can create conflict between your interests and those of your end customers.

Performing repairs on devices can be more environmentally friendly solution


But do the increased costs of labor justify the additional expense to the customer?

A customer has extremely sensitive data and requires eliminating single points of failure


But your additional cost of having multiple redundancies outweigh the costs?

Erasing all data on devices before leaving the customers premises is a more secure solution


But there is a more efficient and nearly as secure process that can be performed at your facility?

Flexible Implementations

Deployment / PXE
Deployment / PXE

Certified Data Erasure Engineer Program

Build confidence with your customers and partners by having your tools, processes and personnel in alignment.


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