Cloud Solution

Cloud Solution

The Cloud solution provides centralized control and reporting features for  the entire data erasure process, convenient access, plus a safe and secure environment for all parties involved in the process.

The Advantages :

  • Full Transparancy
  • User Management
  • Easy to navigate
  • Total Infrastructure to use build in
  • Customized Reporting

The requirements


The software has boot support for both UEFI and Legacy (BIOS) firmware. You need an USB drive or blank CD/DVD to create a bootable Certus Erasure media device. You can use any image writing software however we recommend “Win 32 Disk Imager”


An Internet connection is required to login to your Certus cloud account to access purchased licenses and define erasure settings. During the erasure process, no information is sent over the Internet. All network transmissions are protected by security encryption protocol TLS v1.3

The Process


Step 1


Download an image of Certus Erasure Software from your CEWM account. Use this image to prepare a bootable USB drive. To start Certus Erasure Software, select USB in the boot menu of the unit that needs to be erased.


Step 2

Start Certus Software

Start a machine using the prepared bootable USB drive. Use your Certus account login credentials to sign in at the software start. Ensure your machine is connected to the Internet.


Step 3

Erase storage devices

Set the necessary erasure pattern and verification level. Select the drives for erasure. “Unfreeze“ drives if needed and start the erasure process.


Step 4

Save erasure reports

After the erasure process has been completed, an erasure report is generated.  You can save the erasure report in your Certus cloud account or on an external storage drive.

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