Nemzeti Média- és Hírközlési Hatóság (NMHH)
Budapest, Hungary




State Media and Communications Authority is the national Hungarian media and communications authority and has supervisory powers over the public media (radio, television and press agency).
The authority employs about 650 professionals in four locations in Budapest and five in the countryside: in Szeged, Pécs, Debrecen, Miskolc and Sopron.


The National Media and Communications Authority of Hungary (NMHH) is responsible for the regulation and oversight of the media and tele- communications industries in Hungary. Ensuring the security and privacy of sensitive data is a top priority for the authority, as it deals with various stakeholders, including government agencies, private organizations, and the general public. To maintain the highest standards of data protection and privacy, the NMHH sought a reliable and effective erasure software solution. After a thorough evaluation of various alternatives, the authority chose Certus Erasure for its secure data removal needs.

The Issue

The NMHH faced the challenge of securely disposing of sensitive data stored on various devices, including computers, servers, and mobile devices. The data included confidential information related to media regulations, telecommunications infrastructure, and user privacy. The authority needed a reliable, efficient, and secure erasure software solution that met both domestic and international data protection standards. In addition, the solution needed to be easy and automated. Its internal users carry multiple data bearing devices including their desktop, laptop, tablets and mobile devices. The solution needed to be simple and automated to eliminate any case where data could reside on a device after reaching its end of life.


The NMHH conducted a comprehensive evaluation of various erasure software solutions available in the market. The selection criteria required a cloud based solution including the following:
• All users can securely delete all date from any of their devices
• An erasure report sent to both users and administrators as proof the erasure was successful
• Compliance with national and international data protection standards.
• Hardware support for a wide range of devices.
• Ease of use and integration with their existing IT infrastructure.
• Scalability and adaptability to meet the authority's growing needs

The Solution

After a meticulous review of all the available options, the NMHH found Certus Erasure to be the best fit for their needs. Certus built a simple platform that is accessible for all Hungarian citizens at

At the site any user has the option to permanently delete all data from thier device easily. Each device is given a unique code authorizing the erasure and receives a tamperproof digital certificate. This certificate was integrated into the NMHH infrastructure which gives administrators visibility on status and deal with any issues. For more information on the solution please see:

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