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Puteaux, France




Operating in 18 countries, Econocom is the only European contractor to cover all trades of digital technology: equipment, services and financing.

Whatever the geographical scope of your project we support you from start to finish and coordinate all aspects of your digital transformation.

The Company

Econocom is the premier IT-as-a-service provider for firms and public organisations by placing end users at the heart of each project.

Econocom is the leader in its market and has supported its clients for nearly 50 years in their technological, industrial and energy challenges through tailor-made financing solutions.

The Challenge

We handle the end-of-life phase of the IT equipment through an environmentally friendly approach that supports the circular economy and reduces costs and always look for the best ways to reuse returned products starting at collecting the assets, processing, data wiping, grading and reusing the assets again.

As we are working closely with selected partners Econocom needed an asset management software tool that has full transparency on all assets including data erasure, grading and reporting to be able to manage all the partners and have live access to all the running processes.

The Solution

After a comprehensive market research decided to use Certus Software as the primary provider for all data erasure and compliancy requirements. A Cloud based tool to manage all the assets and have live access to the erasure and refurbishing process. The „train the trainer“ support system that Certus is offering saves the entire chain of companies involved in the complex end of life services a lot of time and is for us the most favorable product and company to work with.

After working 3 years with the Certus solution we have discovered that the Certus support is fast and focused on finding solutions. Our feedback and proposals on how to improve the process are taken seriously which helps us optimize our processes we never would reach without a partner like this. In short: Certus saves us a lot of time in the entire chain of companies involved in the complex end of life services and is for us the most favorable.

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