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IT Asset Refurbishment


We are a Global Resale Company, specialising in refurbished IT hardware and environmentally friendly technology solutions. Everything we do is focused on protecting natural resources and reducing landfill waste. Our large team of dedicated staff includes in-house specialists in engineering, cosmetic restoration, 3D-printing, product research and development, accounting, HR, sales, marketing, graphic design, videography, and web development.

CFA and Certus

CFA is a company specialising in refurbished IT hardware and environmentally friendly technology solutions. As we sell and lease ex-corporate refurbished PCs, laptops and mobile devices to businesses, schools and students we really need an efficient, effective, fit-for-purpose, secure data erasure solution. Security is paramount and an industry standard system is essential. With Certus we feel we have found the best solution to ensure customer confidence.


We used several other licensing models, over several years, but all have limitations. They are either more expensive, too inflexible, not scalable, or a combination of all three. Blancco, for example, was tricky to set  up, had poor support and did not fit our business model. None of the systems we used fitted the bill, until we found Certus.


Certus Erasure is fully certified, professional and – one of its best qualities – easy to use. It is far more flexible than others we have tried and does not require infrastructure. It can be used offline but has a versatile  cloud portal with effective reporting. This ensures a fast, secure and flexible erasure system, fulfilling all our data erasure needs at a competitive price. Certus also supplies us with excellent erasure systems, built to a high specification.
Simply, Certus works. What more do you need?


Customer satisfaction with our product is key to our success; Certus enables us to do bulk erasure cost effectively, efficiently and fast. With fewer failures and a more dependable system, we are confident that our data erasure is industry standard and enhances the value of our products. Certus helps us to ensure that our commitment to high-quality, refurbished products is maintained and reliable.

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