Amsterdam, the Netherlands


Banking and Finance


Building on 300 years of expertise: ABN AMRO is one of the leading banks in the Netherlands. With 18.820 empoyees the main focus is on Northwest Europe, we provide loans, mortgages and other banking services and solutions to companies and individuals.

The Requirement

With more than 45.000 systems reallocated or recycled annually, ABN AMRO needed an efficient and 100% secure data erasure solution. For the cause of the extreme sensitivity of the data ABN AMRO relied prior to using Certus Erasure Software on actual physical destruction of the drives. As physical destruction is expensive, and wasteful and ABN AMRO is dedicated to carbon footprint and caring for the climate so now all these computers can still be reused internally, sold to the refurbishing industry or donated to charitable organizations.

The Solution

The deployment solution of Certus Erasure Software allows ABN AMRO to create an environment where a large number of systems could be processed by a very small number of technicians.
A single technician can process hundreds of systems daily leveraging Certus highly automated process. As part of this procedure, Certus diagnoses hardware issues to eliminate problem systems.
The Certus Erasure deployment solution provides ABN AMRO with an audit log for each piece of hardware, creating a tamperproof data erasure report proving that each device had been successfully wiped.

The Result

ABN AMRO not only saved time and money by start using Certus Erasure Software, rather than destroying the end of life devices, but they were able to contribute to the communities that they served.
ABN AMRO now lowered their environmental footprint by creating the possbility that used equipment can be safely resused.

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